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My mission is to guide and empower women of all ages experiencing reproductive health challenges and those seeking prenatal and postnatal Ayurvedic care. I also support busy professionals on their holistic path to optimal well-being. 


If you are looking to align with your natural cycle and balance hormonal health, boost your personal or office team well-being, lifestyle balance, energy, memory, immunity and happiness or want to address a specific health issue, you are in the right place. ​

My services include holistic coaching based in Ayurveda, private and group yoga, meditation, mindfulness, holistic nutrition sessions in addition to reiki energy work and marma therapy, wellness chef services, cooking classes and more. 

In addition to working with individuals, I develop and lead executive coaching and employee wellness programs focused on reducing stress and improving workplace productivity and overall well-being. I have worked with progressive brands including McDonald's (Global HQ), WeWork, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Next Capital, Sprout Social, Centro, Harris Theater, Industrious, MindShare, Sandbox, Enlivant and Sram, to name only a few in the Chicago area.  

About Jitka

I am an Ayurvedic practitioner, fertility coach, yoga (E-RYT® 200), meditation and mindfulness teacher, and energy therapist based in Chicago, IL. 

My expertise is in women's reproductive health, with a focus in developing hormonal balance, managing painful or missing periods, endometriosis and fibroids, while navigating fertility and healthy pregnancy journeys.  


I also specialize in managing chronic stress, anxiety, depression, headaches, back pain, digestion, weight issues, fatigue, sleep disorders, and professional burnout.


It is my passion to inspire and help you boost your energy, happiness, focus, creativity, and overall wellness. By integrating holistic modalities with modern science, I can help you open the door for healing by cultivating mind-body awareness that changes your relationship with stress, a leading cause of chronic illness.

My work with individuals and corporate groups is fully tailored to the specific needs and goals of each client.

Meditation corner with Buddha. Cultivate Mindfulness practice in your daily life for your overall well-being and balance.
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