February 14, 2018

With upcoming Valentine's Day, I invite you to gift yourself a happy belly and healthier digestion. Being able to enjoy your meal and process it well without any unwanted side effects is linked to absorbing all valuable nutrients and therefore increasing immunity, energy, concentration and overall well-being.  Whether you have a busy, sedentary lifestyle with not much exercise, ate too much food, had a heavy meal, or feel bloated, constipated, a digestive discomfort is never pleasant. Fortunately, with help of yoga and Ayurvedic medicine, there are techniques and tools to manage various unpleasant symptoms so feeling light and pain-free after your next bite does not need to be a dream.

With yogic diaphragm breathing, long deep stretches and spinal twists that gently massage abdominal organs, while purge toxins away, you will find yourself feel better with improved digestion, boosted energy and calmer mind.

Here are the yoga poses an...

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