March 14, 2018

I am thrilled to host another workshop soon. Join me on Monday, May 14th, 6:30-8pm at Infinity Holistic Wellness & Yoga located in a beautiful historic Monadnock building.

Blossom into your best self this Spring season! Join nutrition & lifestyle workshop led by Chicago based Ayurvedic expert Jitka Robinson. Learn about and master the essential practices of supporting holistic self-care for balanced body & mind. Themes we will discuss include allergies, weight management, fatigue and lethargy. Handouts with key information, shopping lists and healthy recipes will be provided.

More information and RSVP here.


March 1, 2018

What are the best yoga poses for the coming season you might ask. After a long Chicago winter, spring is almost here.  Rebirth, renewal and joy is in the air. However for many, the spring season is also time with increased colds, congestions, allergies and lowered energy. Fortunately, seasonal Yogic and Ayurvedic Kapha balancing routine can help us to overcome these challenges so we can all enjoy the beauty of the nature's awakening.

In this blog post I will focus on the Yoga part and in my next one on Ayurveda part.  To better understand what's happening in our bodies, let's look at the nature first. Spring brings less cold weather and also heaviness of increased moisture (melting ice, rains). These are some of the qualities of Kapha dosha. We know, that according to Ayurveda, like increases like. So when it is Kapha season, that is heavy and sluggish in its core, we need to find and cultivate the opposite in our yoga practice to induce lightness...

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