Once you begin integrating Ayurveda and yoga into your daily life, you notice your energy level goes instantly up as your lifestyle balance and peace of mind.  I observe this phenomena myself and I witness it all the time when working with my clients who gradually reduce the stress, anxiety, while they boost their stamina and immunity.

Below are listed few of mine favorite additional energy aids :)

Four Sigmatic Mushroom

Let me tell you, this is not your regular cup of coffee.  Blend of medicinal mushrooms in organic quality including Chaga, Cordyceps and Lion's Mane give you that extra kick when days are busy while they provide dose of antioxidant and prevent unpleasant side effects of other types coffee such as jitters, or stomach burn.  For me, forget Starbucks. And two thumbs up for naturally energy enhancing "shrooms"!

Pure Brazilian Orange Essential Oil

You know the pleasant burst of freshness and uplifting scent when peeling of orange? You will enjoy the scent of orange essential oil in your home or office.  Only few drops in your  diffuser will bring the feel of positive and increased energy, helping you to refresh and recharge.  Orange essential oil finds a wide range of use in holistic therapies in supporting on physical, mental, and emotional level.  And for me, it also brings back a warm touch of holidays when we used to make decorations with dried oranges and cloves as children :)