Ayurvedic cooking is unique in a way that it uses a variety of ingredients and spices in a single dish based on its essential teaching of six tastes and its dosha balancing effects. Grinding and storing your own spice blends is considered a traditional art. Our grandmothers would meticulously grind whole spices such as cloves, cardamom, star anise and more using a mortar and pestle to release their fresh flavors and oils and skilfully use them in different preparations from curries to masala tea. This tool appreciated by generations will allow you to create delicious, healthy dishes and bring out the essential oils, and flavor essences of your herbs and spices, in a natural way.  And the display of your mortar with pestle in the kitchen is pretty too ;) Are you curious what spices are best for your individual dosha (your body and mind type) and/or your specific health needs?  Contact me for more information or schedule a session with me here. 

Stainless steel spice box provides a traditional way to store spices in Ayurvedic kitchen. I like to use one box for meal spices and another one for sweet masala chai spices. Before you buy a spice blend in a bottle, read the label and look at the ingredients. If you have a reasonably well stocked pantry, most of what comes in a pre-packaged spice blend can be reproduced with what you have and in a better quality using fresh spices.