Seasonal Quiz: Is your body toxic? Would you benefit from a cleanse/detox?

Despite the common belief, not everyone needs and would benefit from performing a popular detox or cleanse. It is a very individual practice and one should follow the most suitable cleansing regimen and as importantly the best timing. If cleanse is needed, I would strongly recommend to do so under the trained experienced supervision for safe and optimal results.

Answer these 11 essential questions to discover how much is your body polluted by toxins and what is the most suitable approach to return to your natural state of balance. Toxins known as "Ama" in Ayurvedic medicine gradually build up and eventually clog the important channels of the body, prevent valuable nutrients from being delivered efficiently to the cells and block wastes from being eliminated from the body.

If you took the quiz and have discovered you have a build-up Ama, you might want to schedule a wellness appointment to determine the toxicity level and create the personal detox plan based on your individual needs.

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