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Senior Couple Doing Yoga


Gentle form of yoga class to prevent injuries, improve balance and strength. Senior yoga class may include chair yoga, breath work, meditation as well as various yoga props. Past injuries are addressed carefully as wells as the challenges that many face as bodies age in  safe, creative and fun way.  


Yoga Pose


Yoga, breath and mindfulness are the main tools used in this class designed for young students to cultivate emotional intelligence, bring an awareness to the present moment, reduce stress and anxiety. Many students find these yoga classes particularly helpful during the exam periods.  More...

Mother Doing Yoga with Baby


This is a sweet opportunity to relax the mind, strength the body post birth in a gentle, mindful and safe way while bonding with your baby.  Your specific personal goals are addressed while you'll have fun connecting with your little one in a special way.  More...

Waterfall Pose


Whether you are struggling with endometriosis, are preparing for a future pregnancy or have been trying to conceive for a while, this class is just right fit for you. In this holistic class, we will make address your concerns and needs. Relax your whole being using Ayurveda, meditation, breath and special yoga poses designed to improve women's hormonal balance and fertility.   More...

Iyengar Yoga


Connecting via FaceTime or Skype we can meet online in a private yoga session or a semi private group. All you need is your phone, Ipad or a computer with a camera and your yoga mat. This is an ideal solution if you travel often and/or have a busy schedule.  More...

Prenatal Yoga


Congratulations! Your body is changing - as it is working hard to grow another human being - and so is changing your yoga practice. Prenatal holistic classes are designed to reduce stress, anxiety and aches, increase your flexibility, and prepare you overall for the upcoming birth while using tools of yoga and Ayurveda.  More...

Warrior One


Stay cozy on a lazy weekend morning, simply roll out from your bed and head to the hospitality room. No extra yoga props needed, just your yoga mat. Stretch, strengthen, relax and make new friends without leaving your building.  More...

Child's Pose


Improve your productivity, calm your nervous system and build better relationships at your work space.  Achieve greater business success while having fun in yoga classes designed for your team's goals and needs.  More...

Yoga Class


Planning a birthday party or bridal party? Want celebrate a wedding anniversary or Mother's Day in a unique way? Yoga brings family and friends together in a fun and meaningful way. In a fully customized class for your special occasion everyone is going to have a great time!  More...


my yoga journey

After her trip to India in 2006, Jitka dedicated her life to study of yoga and Ayurveda. She began creating safe space for her students where they could unplug from everyday routine, set free from old patterns and connect with their curious mind to explore the body, mind and spirit through movement, breath awareness and meditation.

In her yoga classes Jitka guides students through intelligent postures and breath awareness, using her knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda and mindfulness. Jitka's classes are creatively sequenced, strong and fun. They always include some form of meditation, breath practice and are fully customized to the needs of the students as Jitka pays attention to everyone's unique physical and emotional state. 

By creating completely non-judgmental, non-comparison environment and cultivating inward exploration during the yoga practice, students are able to create more space to move and breath, soften and lengthen their bodies, discover inner peace and joy. As a result, students are able to relax, release the stress and explore the body, mind and spirit connection. They leave the class feeling rejuvenated and at peace.


Join Jitka in her group, private or corporate yoga class and explore the source of happiness, peace and energy within.  Stretch and strengthen your body, calm your mind and receive a juicy assist and healing Reiki energy during your final relaxation in Shavasana.